Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am looking for an accredited school. Why isn’t this school accredited?
A. We are accredited and licensed by the Georgia Postsecondary Education Committee to teach dental assisting. No matter what you are told all dental assisting programs are certificate programs, not degree programs. The certificate you receive in our program is the same as one from another school. For a dental assisting program to be one year long the curriculum is padded with things like English, Nutrition, etc. These schools depend on government grants to stay alive. These government grants and loans require that these programs be one year in length in order to qualify for government assistance. Other programs are established this way to be part of these grant programs. Even truck driving programs are 1 year long for this very reason!

Q. Is financial aid available for this course?
A. Unfortunately, it is not. For a program/school to be eligible for financial aid assistance it has to be one year in length. There are several different ways that you can pay for the course if you choose. We accept cash, check, credit card (PayPal) and weekly payments after an initial deposit. More information is available upon request.

Q. Will this course work toward or transfer to dental hygiene school?
A. No. No dental assisting course credits will transfer to hygiene school because it is a certificate program not a degree program. If you are a practicing dental assistant you will be more prepared as you enter dental hygiene school and much of basic dental vocabulary in place before hand as well as a sense of how the dental office works and how to deal with patients.

Q: Will this course still benefit me if I choose to move out of state?
A: Basically, dental assisting knowledge and skills are very much uniform, especially in the areas of dental materials, operatory setups, and front desk job duties. Therefore, the knowledge you gain from this program will carry over very well in helping your dental assisting career.

Q: Does this program offer additional help for students who are struggling with understanding the course material?
A: On a weekly basis, review sessions are given during the lecture process which not only reinforces important concepts, but also provides students ample opportunities to ask questions while helping the instructors to identify areas which need further clarification. If any students are falling behind with certain aspects of the program, these students will be able to request additional time for “tutoring” sessions (at no additional charge) either after class or on a separate day, depending on the students and instructors availability.

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