Mia Gann, Chickamauga, GA
NGSODA graduate Spring 2009

Mia had been a stay at home Mom for 10 years when she decided that she was interested in entering the work force again. Mia was interested in dental assisting and felt like it would be a good opportunity for her to contribute to her family without spending years or thousands on an education. Since 2009, Mia has been employed as a dental assistant at the same office. She was fortunate to find a job soon after completing the dental assisting course. She enjoys the four day work weeks dental assisting affords her and the flexibility to be a Mom as well. She is wife to Dale and the mother of two boys ages 13 and 18.

Mia Gann
“I would definitely suggest this course to other people and have done so over the years. I feel like it is the perfect job for me and enjoy working with the patients so much. NGSODA is also conveniently located in La Fayette which is close proximity to many cities to search for a job.”


Erica Hamilton Dental Assistant
Pisgah, AL

Erica Hamilton is a wife and mom of two from Pisgah, Alabama. Pisgah is a little over an hour from La Fayette but since the course was only 10 weeks long the commitment to the commute was not too much to handle. Erica completed the course in November 2012 and by the start of the new year she was employed in Huntsville, AL in a pedo practice. She is really enjoying working with children and after gaining some experience now has hospital privileges at Huntsville Hospital. She is happy to report that she is making over $14.00 an hour with less than a year experience.

“I feel that I am able to make a great contribution to my family and spend time with my children all while still being able to work with the public. I love dental assisting and am looking forward to potentially being sponsored in the ADHP program in Alabama.”


Alison Poore
Flat Rock, AL

Alison Poore is a 2011 graduate of NGSODA. She is from the northeast corner of Alabama, right where Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia come together. This made it a short drive to class for her every week. Once Alison completed the course she began working for an oral surgeon as a dental assistant. After a few years there Alison decided she wanted to further her education even more. Currently she is a full time nursing student and is set to graduate this year! One opportunity that this profession may afford her is the chance to continue working in a dental office as an RN. Most oral surgeons have an RN on staff to handle all of the heart monitors and IV’s. She really hopes she will get the chance to work in oral surgery again. Alison enjoys running, spending time with her friends and family and is focusing on finishing her RN.

“Most of all I think being a dental assistant has helped me find exactly where I want to be. It was a great learning experience and a rewarding career for several years. I love knowing that I have the potential to use that experience later on as well!”